Illustration Designing Company

Illustration Designing Company

Since time immemorial, illustrations have been used to depict everything and anything under the sun- be it primitive cave paintings, lithographs or cartoons. For an artist, imagination is equal to illustration. At IDS, we bring words, thoughts, concepts and techniques to life through illustrations done by our team of talented designers, innovative visualizers and ingenious artists. Our experienced team can provide you with any graphic illustration your heart desires and your mind imagines. Our art tools fall in place with your needs be it water colors, oil paints, crayons, acrylic, pens, pencils and of course the ubiquitous digital design format.

Illustrations are important to help understand complex concepts, ideas and theories in an easy, creative and memorable style. The student is most important while we design illustrations for learning as that determines the style, colors and methods to be used for illustrating.

Not only has our design team created diagrams for school textbooks on subjects like physics, geography and biology, and illustrated words and phrases; but we have also designed for corporate soft skills and training programs.

With our experienced and talented designers, even a highly technical process, piece of machinery, or a factory walk-through is easily illustrated. We experiment with different styles and practices to see the best for your particular need of technical illustration.

We have worked on projects ranging from off-shore systems for petrochemical company, processes in steel and tobacco manufacture to new concepts in marine plaza and gaming zones. We have also used line drawings with ink to present complex processes in a simple way.

IDS has created numerous realistic and informative illustrations for use in medical journals, sites and presentations.

Our expert visualizers and illustrators conduct extensive research for depicting accurate illustrations- be it different parts of the human physiology, surgical procedures or development of infectious diseases. Through visual portrayals, complex processes and anatomical parts are easily understood.

Children's Books
Illustrations are important to help children visualize the story they are reading. At IDS, we strive to present vibrantly colored graphic illustrations for children which instantly bring happiness, smiles and recognition.
You can choose from the variety of styles available to select which one will best fit your story. We ensure that the words on the page (or the computer screen) come alive for the young bookworms and scholars with our team of visualizers and cartoonists.

Character Design
IDS has created some memorable character illustrations- be it sea-horses, superheroes, anti-heroes, ducks or even mutants. Catering primarily to children, digital art has also been extensively used for illustrating comics, ecards, sites, journals, invitations and presentations.

Not only do we visualize a character, but we also create its attributes, reactions, backgrounds and powers.

Conventional Media
With our artists experimenting in different conventional media like paper and canvas and using crayons, oil paints, pen, ink and water colors, we customize your inspiration.

The sense of humor of our designers is evident in the caricatures created with pen and paper. We have also created poster art where we mimicked the original photographs. We focus on the medium and tool which would best illustrate your innovation- pencil, oil, watercolor, ink or scraper board.