Flash Apps

Flash Apps

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity. Using the broad reach of the Internet, RIAs can be deployed across browsers and desktops. The use of RIA has been driven by, but not limited to the flash environment. The rich GUI and interactive tools Flash and Flex application development tools allow with its seamless backend integrations provides a power development platform that rivals any other programming environment. With flash and flex driving the RIA initiative across the web, the advent of AS3 has established Action Script as a mature development platform that supports OOPs. A powerful combination of flash design tools combined with the programming environment afforded by flash action script (AS2 & AS3), creates an unbeatable combination that allows us to create the most enlivening web experience.

Benefits of RIAs

RIAs offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to deliver modern applications with real business benefits:

-Offer users a richer, more engaging experience.
- Keep pace with users' rising expectations.
- Increase customer loyalty and generate higher profits.
- Leverage existing personnel, processes, and infrastructure.

Flash allows probably the most flexible platform to design and develop games. Games that can be simple mouse click games to very complex games that need to be programmed in complex game logic and AI. We have hands on experience in creating Facebook games and apps our flash developers have effectively worked on Isometric and tile –based games for social networking site like Facebook.

Games have also become part of the social networking ethos and are now being created with the intention of expanding the network. Facebook games and apps are our specialty as we have built a high level of expertise on the game design and development as well as the Facebook integration side.

Learning activities
Flash applications have become one of the most important kind of web application and its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over time. Flash games, activities and assessment tools are an integral part of learning and are used across various age groups and subject matter.

Maths, science and geography are ideally suited for this. These activities add significant value to the lessons and understanding thereof. Visual representation, animations and interactivity all come together. Flash/ flex as a platform is also very well suited to emulate the learning environment. It allows for collaboration, mentoring, assessments and overall learning management. Flex provides a rock solid platform for building an LMS. We provide services across the spectrum of learning requirements.

Data visualization
Data visualization requirements have become an essential tool in planning and forecasting. The need to handle and interpret large volumes of complex data has become an everyday requirement.
From stock tickers, to foreign exchange movements, to census mapping and economic data review and forecasting - the applications are numerous. Flash with its ability to handle data and visually represent the same in various easy to understand ways, makes it the tool of choice for data visualization. So if you provide us the data, we can provide you myriad options on how it can be displayed.

Interactive websites
The power of flash Action Scripting can truly be unleashed through the browser.
Originally created with the intention of creating lightweight graphics files, today flash AS provides unparalleled programming capability with the industry bench marked design tools. This combination allows truly amazing functionality that gets encapsulated in the most aesthetic of design forms- completely dynamic greeting card sites, clothing customizers, dance personification apps, quirky games, 3D simulators. It is truly limited by your imagination. If you can think it, we can do it.

POS / Kiosks
Flash/AIR is the tool of choice for creating desktop apps. AIR is the desktop version which allows you to make platform independent version of the same app.

Touch screen programming is truly simplified using these tools. Information kiosks, customized photo development booths, data capture booths and sales and commerce application that allow users to try and buy on the spot. The possibilities are endless. We have successfully completed several projects and would be able to take your requirements to the next level harnessing the power of Action Script.