Elearning has found its place in the instructional pedagogy. Various forms of elearning have evolved from complete computer based learning to supported learning to various levels of blended learning that exist in between that can be tailored for individual/organizational needs. We provide e-learning development services to our clients and our team of elearning professionals includes instructional designers and programmers. We have catered to a spectrum of projects across segments covering K12, adult, corporate and technical training. We have used various tools for the production of elearning production including flash, flex, captivate, camtasia among others.

School Learning
At IDS, we believe that school children are the most malleable and susceptible to change. Elearning is a medium which has scope for enjoyment and interaction while making education entertaining. Our e-learning development staff focuses on developing interesting e-learning modules so that the audience finds it engaging and captivating.

Not only do our experts simplify complex theories and difficult concepts, but we also design elearning modules for diverse subjects like new languages, vocabulary, mathematics and even environmental awareness and safety methods. Projects and quizzes are used for assessment.

Adult Learning
We have successfully taught adults through our inventive elearning projects. We have kept the learning process simple. They deal with general topics so that anyone can learn without the constraints of being a student or an employee. We are a specialist e-learning production company and our professionals have gathered extensive knowledge over the years by working on several complex projects and ensuring that they are delivered on time.

Our ingenuous designers have created teaching projects on computer basics, driving skills and software basics.

Corporate Learning
We provide e-learning development services for companies and business enterprises .The e-learning modules are beneficial for introducing employees to new concepts and processes or using modules as a ready reference.

Employees can refer to certain modules when they have to remember a detail. They can learn at their own pace. We have created elearning projects for both purposes- introduction and reference.

Technical Training
We have used elearning when it is necessary to present shop floor (factory processes), system operations and software application usages. Our technical e-learning production services include steel manufacture, furnace operations, heating systems and tobacco manufacture.

We have effectively used different tools to educate, like presentations, documents, isometric illustrations, video and animation.