3D Animation Design Company

3D Animation Design Company

3D animations have become a part of our lives. Technology and creativity have blurred the lines between reality and animation. We at IDS have been working with 3D animations over the last several years at different levels. The need for 3D modeling and simulations cuts across a variety of segments including entertainment, business, learning, training and games.

3D modeling and simulations have significant relevance in the e-learning space. The possibilities of training through simulation truly expand the power of learning. Training virtually without the risk of getting things wrong the first time, means significant intangible savings.

With augmented reality the lines between 3D and the real life have truly vanished. It brings virtual reality, literally to the palm of your hands. Try on the latest glasses, wear jewelry you yearn for, hold the latest cell phone in your hand virtually. All you need is a web cam.

3D character animations
IDS houses a team of highly skilled 3D animators who can transform your ideas into reality. Our system of interactive character animation can design customized characters, logos or mascots and bring them to life.
We will persistently work with you to get the exact style of presenting your character. Total artistic freedom is possible through our completely customizable process and extensible architecture. We produce visually attractive animations and real-life models by using high end systems and the latest technology.

3D visualizations
Enter a real world where real projects happen, real people interact and real events occur. We provide sweeping views of commercial, residential, experimental and scientific projects. Our 3D architectural designs can be viewed from different angles with varied speeds and complete details. IDS creates virtual 3d renderings which are attractive and stimulating.

Our interior visualizations are complete tours of real landscape, furniture and movements. With our expert visualizers and 3D animators, you get more than your expectations. For the home-building industry, IDS creates virtual animated tours and renderings. We enliven your visualizations - past, present and future based on your inspiration. Your new project is brought to life in the best quality through panoramic presentations for your target market.

3D game modeling & animations
Not only does IDS have a 360 degree view of 3D modeling and animations for gaming requirements, but we also create games in house.
We have the ability to create models and environments for specific graphic capability and speed, which can determine whether a game turns out good or great.

3D VR and interactive 3D combines 3D modeling and animations with programming by bringing the virtual world closer to reality. The perfect platform to experience spaces and objects virtually is possible through this Virtual Reality experience where users interact with 3D spaces and objects.
This VR experience has been very effectively used in training, travel and reality industries among others.

3D augmented reality
Augmented Reality is the next level of experiencing virtual reality. This is a completely immersive 3D experience as the user can interact with the virtual 3D objects.
Advanced image processing algorithms is used to make this new cutting edge technology possible.